(Stizostedion Vitreum)


Lake Erie is the king of walleye fisheries. Often called the "Walleye Capital of the World", walleye produced in the western basin average in the 2 to 4 pound class, and trophy's 7 to 11 pounds are no surprise.
Best fishing method used in April is jigs and blade baits tipped with minnows, using a vertical or casting presentation. In May through October drifting and casting lures, either using weight forward spinners or weapons works best. Trolling is also a good method anytime of the fishing season using cranks or spoons when there is little or no wind to allow drifting.
The season begins in April and will continue through October.
Limits in Ohio: March thru April (4 fish per person)
Remainder of the year is 6 per person per day
Year round size limit of 15 inches
Limits in Canada: Six per person per day

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